Westwood History

From 1972 to 2018


Bobby Fischer fought one of the most infamous cerebral battles in history, taking the win over Boris Spassky and forever marking this as the last time anyone paid attention to the World Chess Championship. Meanwhile in Croatia, Westwood founder Nick Grasa made the decision to pack up his life, leave behind his Croatian roots, and depend on his talents to start a cabinetry shop in Canada.


The world becomes obsessed with a certain yellow pie-shaped man with an insatiable appetite for dots and NO respect for ghosts... Westwood stays focused and finds new life with investment and expanded ownership.


Openness and sharing brings down the Berlin wall – Westwood starts its own journey of open information with custom system development to seamlessly marry design and production.


Twin rovers launched to Mars, with a successful landing 12 months later – a landmark in exploration and humanity. Westwood decides against putting cabinets on the red planet, but begins their own exploration outside the Okanagan, bringing in dealers in BC and Alberta.


While the world figures out how much air to put in a regulation football, Westwood runs downfield with major rebranding and significant investment in plant automation and equipment. Touchdown!