Mary Lou Hawke
(Kelowna Showroom)
Meet Our Designers

In your own words what is it that you bring to each of your kitchen designs?

I utilize my over 25 years of experience in the cabinetry industry to help all my clients achieve creative, well designed layouts that are very functional for their needs. My design background enables me to recommend finishes, materials and fixtures that will enhance their rooms.

I also provide on-site detail-oriented and precise measuring and construction information to assist trades of the client to make all the designs work properly for new and reno projects.

How many years have you been with Westwood?

I have been working at Westwood since 2010 - that’s 8 years now.

What is your educational background?

I have a Diploma in Design (Interior Decoration)

What is your favourite place in the Okanagan?

My favourite place in the Okanagan is the beachfront in downtown Kelowna. It’s great for walking and swimming!