Kitchen Removal Service

Out with the OLD
and in with the NEW

Westwood is excited to partner with Habitat for Humanity Okanagan in making your kitchen renovation even easier with their complimentary kitchen removal service.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Contact Habitat for Humanity Okanagan BEFORE taking out your existing kitchen.
  2. Your kitchen will be evaluated to determine if it can be removed and reused safely.
  3. A date will be scheduled to carefully dismantle your old kitchen and take it away.

Leaving a blank canvas for your brand new kitchen designed by Westwood Fine Cabinetry.

It's really that easy!

And that's not all... donating useful goods to your local ReStore also keeps quality items from going to waste.  Your old kitchen will help fund local Habitat for Humanity homes, and in return, you receive a tax receipt for its resale value.


Transform your kitchen with WESTWOOD