Ready Made Solutions

Close to home, readily available, and easy to install. Cabinetry that’s ready when you are.

Interested in taking a hands-on approach to the design of your kitchen that is still quick and easy? Then our Elements line is perfect for you. These simple, yet stylish designs are very affordable and readily available, so you can get the kitchen you want, now.

Quality, style and speed

If you like to save substantially by doing things yourself, Westwood Elements offers a collection of popular cabinetry that's always in stock so it can be delivered quickly. The selection and order process is simple and streamlined.  Our wide assortment of components can be configured to fit any space.  Best of all, they're affordable!  So, if you are interested in taking a hands-on approach to your kitchen, Westwood Elements is the perfect solution.

Product Info

Added value comes standard

All our cabinets, components and construction build in value-added features other manufacturers will charge you for.  It's all part of the quality we deliver.