Bathroom Cabinet Essentials

Price: $1165
(Plus Delivery & Install, or Available for Pick Up, Contact Westwood Fine Cabinetry for Full Details)


Create a show home ready look for your bathroom without breaking your budget with our Essentials By Westwood cabinetry line.

This bathroom comes complete with:

  • 2 - Vanity Drawer Bases of 3 Drawers each
  • Vanity Base Econo, 2 Doors
  • Filler Strip, 3"W - Vanity Application
  • Toe Kick, Veneer or Melamine, 5/8" (8' Length)

Available in 5 business days, or for flat pack pick up, while supplies last!

Supply is limited so don't delay, call 250-448-7339, or send us your measurements and fill out the form to get started! 

Looking for something else? No problem, send us your measurements and ideas, and we'll help you design your space!

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