Delivering a range of choices on standard cabinetry that reflect your personal design aesthetic 
while still focused on a versatile and adaptable cabinetry solution… introducing
Elements by Westwood

Our Elements line is a carefully curated series offering a range of styles, colours, and sizes to choose from, delivered quickly and efficiently to keep your project on time. Your cabinetry can be configured to fit any space. The Westwood Elements line is built on superior quality with options to upgrade and personalize to reflect your own design story.

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Elements: Bridging The Gap

Elements: Bridging The Gap

Are you seeking an innovative way to balance budget, project timelines, and personal style? With thoughtful consideration of design, price, and convenience, Elements by Westwood bridges the gap between Essentials and Westwood’s custom series. An ideal cabinetry solution with a strong design aesthetic and tight timelines for the conscientious customer who wants to deliver superior quality on time and on budget, Elements represents an intersection of affordability, convenience, and personalized design for anyone looking for an adaptable and versatile cabinetry solution.

The Best Of Both Worlds

The Best Of Both Worlds

Sometimes the best solution is the middle ground. Elements by Westwood is the opportunity to mesh a strong design vision with delivery timelines that help you keep your installation or renovation on track. Elements by Westwood provides cabinetry solutions with details you normally see in high-end custom cabinetry systems. Elements features:

  • Superior quality European hardware with soft-close technology and full drawer extension
  • A range of standard cabinet sizes for easy design and installation
  • Over 25 made-to-order cabinetry face styles and colours
  • Expedient delivery (4 weeks compared to the industry standard of up to 12 weeks)

Elements gives our customers the opportunity to realize their design vision while still prioritizing budget and time.

Our Priority? Your Project.

Our Priority? Your Project.

Like almost every contractor, you have a budget and a timeline. With Elements by Westwood, you don’t have to compromise your design vision just to be mindful of these. Our design team is here to help you realize your vision and respect your cost and time restraints. Our knowledge and experience position us to guide your journey with thoughtful solutions every step of the way. What can you expect when you choose Westwood Elements?

  • European-engineered hardware with soft-close technology and full drawer extension
  • Collaborative design process
  • Accurate and concise design drafts
  • Insight and advice for additional design elements and innovative organization solutions
  • Fully assembled cabinetry with optional delivery and installation
  • The same level of care and service we promise to every Westwood customer
  • Westwood’s commitment to the highest levels of craftsmanship and workmanship


Elements by Westwood offers a stock cabinetry boxes paired with unique made-to-order, Canadian-built cabinetry faces. With many styles, colours, and sizes to choose from, Elements can be configured to fit any space. And unlike other cabinetry lines available in the market, the Elements line features superior quality European hardware with soft-close technology and full drawer extension, and expedient delivery in just 4 weeks compared to the industry standard of up to 12 weeks.

Yes, the Elements line offers many opportunities to personalize your cabinetry to reflect your own style. Elements hasmany made-to-order cabinetry face styles and colours, providing a wide range of options to fit any space and design aesthetic. Our design team can guide you with options for organization accessories and other design elements like wine racks, countertops, and cabinetry pulls and handles to make this installation completely your own.

The Elements line offers expedient delivery of 4 weeks, which is significantly faster than the industry standard of up to 12 weeks. This makes it an ideal cabinetry solution for those on tight timelines or for contractors who need to deliver superior quality on time and on budget. Optional delivery and installation services are also available.

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