Why Westwood?

Why Westwood?

Westwood Cabinetry offers high-quality cabinetry solutions that are designed to meet the unique and specific needs of multi-family developers. Our expertise in managing volume-based projects is unparalleled in the industry. Here are just some of the reasons to choose Westwood:

  • Unlimited Options: Westwood offers an almost limitless range of cabinetry options, including ready-to-assemble, high-quality cabinet systems, curated cabinet options, and custom cabinetry, to suit the specific needs and preferences of developers and their properties.
  • Expert Value Engineering: Westwood's team of experts can help developers optimize their cabinetry solutions while staying within budget, ensuring that they get the best value for their investment.
  • Custom Solutions at Volume Pricing: Our carefully cultivated network of manufacturers allows us to offer custom cabinetry solutions at volume pricing, making it easier for developers to meet their budget and timeline requirements.
  • Expertise in Cabinetry Design: Westwood's team of designers has extensive experience in cabinetry design, ensuring that the final product is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and meets the specific scope of each property.
  • Specialization in Logistics and Project Management for Volume Projects: Westwood has a dedicated team that specializes in logistics and project management for volume projects, ensuring that the cabinetry is delivered complete and installed on time and within budget. This allows developers to focus on other aspects of the project while Westwood manages the cabinetry logistics.

In addition to our ability to source custom-designed cabinetry solutions from our overseas partners, we deliver the following cabinetry lines:

  • Essentials: Affordable, versatile, and ready-to-assemble, our Essentials line embraces a white, bright, and easy solution for projects with strict timelines.
  • Elements: With a range of styles, colours, and sizes to choose from, our Elements line provides flexibility for design and high-quality cabinetry solutions with an eye to budget, project timelines, and personal style.
  • Custom: With completely bespoke designs and construction, our locally-made Custom line offers endless options for style and function with superior master-crafted cabinetry for all areas of the home.

Choosing Westwood Cabinetry means choosing a partner with over 50 years of experience delivering creative and innovative cabinetry solutions for multi-family developers.

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Whether you're transforming a living space or embarking on a new build, Westwood offers stylish and functional designs that elevate every room in your home. With a focus on exceptional quality, tailored solutions, and unmatched customer service, we bring industry insight and expertise to every project. Choose Westwood for outstanding cabinetry solutions that exceed your expectations. Connect with us today and experience the Westwood difference.